SeCore® Kits are Invitrogen's latest line of high resolution HLA typing products based on sequence based typing - the 'gold standard' of allele identification. Our kits are designed for ease of use and yield high quality results.

SeCore® kits offer:
  • Identical cycling profile for all loci reducing sample handling errors and improving user efficiency
  • Short, 1.5 hour amplification time for completion of amplification and sequencing in a single day
  • Robust allele identification of all loci and balanced allele peaks for heterozygous identification
  • Comprehensive offering of Group Specific Sequencing Primers (GSSPs) for resolving ambiguities
  • Customized uTYPE® Dx Sequencing Analysis Software for efficient results analysis and interpretation

SeCore® Strategy

Figure 1. The SeCore® strategy begins with the amplification of the target locus by cycling an amplification mix, FastStart™ Taq DNA Polymerase and sample genomic DNA. The resulting product is treated with ExoSAP-IT™, prior to sequencing, to degrade the unincorporated primers and hydrolyze the free nucleotides. The nucleotide chronology, and resulting HLA subtype is determined by multicolor, fluorescence-based, BigDye® Terminator sequencing. The final reactions are purified by an ethanol precipitation prior to loading. Denatured samples are loaded and results detected on an automated sequencing instrument.

SeCore® kit components are matched and quality controlled for peak performance

Each SeCore® Kit includes:Loci specific primers

  • FastStart™ Taq DNA Polymerase
  • ExoSap-IT™ enzyme
  • Sequencing mixes - primers, dyes, terminators, polymerase
  • Precipitation buffer
  • Complete protocol