Instruments and automation product categories

We develop, manufacture and market blood test systems to support the clinical diagnosis and monitoring of allergy, asthma and autoimmune diseases.

Our smart lab solutions make it faster and easier for you to focus on what matters most—delivering answers and innovations that make the world healthier.

Improve safety and efficiency in various types of clinical labs with Thermo Scientific™ TCAutomation™ Laboratory Automation Solutions, which allow labor-intensive sample management tasks to be automated in different combinations.

Accurate and trusted IVD solutions for genetic analysis that support your lab’s assay-development needs, along with a workflow to match your diagnostic requirements.

Class I medical devices for in vitro diagnostic to achieve greater productivity and confidence when providing your lab's assay-developed test results to the healthcare professionals you serve.

Designed for solid reliability and quiet operation, our comprehensive range of clinical centrifuges fit in your lab with their compact footprints with throughput from 1.5mL to 50mL sample tubes, microplates and 10mL syringes.

Consistently recover high-quality nucleic acids for sensitive downstream applications with minimal variability within a modular workflow. 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.