KingFisher Apex Dx system

Clinical labs require the ability to consistently recover high-quality nucleic acids, cells and proteins for sensitive downstream applications with maximum reproducibility. The Apex Dx system is designed to be a part of a streamlined modular workflow providing precise results, seamless data management, and robust security features per diagnostic regulatory standards.

Features of the Apex Dx system

In addition to the common features of all KingFisher Purification Systems, the Apex Dx system offers:

  • Minimized risk—High standards of quality, safety, and performance with IVD and IVD-R regulatory compliance
  • Select the mode that suits your development stage—Seamlessly transition from clinical research to diagnostics with dual RUO and Dx modes
  • LIMS/LIS connectivity*—By integrating with your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or Laboratory Information System (LIS) via Diomni Enterprise Software, Apex Dx instrument enables efficient data management, result tracking, and improved workflow optimization
  • Maximize lab space—Compact, benchtop instrument without the requirement of an attached computer
  • Purification throughput versatility—Apex Dx instrument offers flexible sample purification options, accommodating the diverse needs of your laboratory. Whether you're working with smaller or larger batch sizes, it efficiently purifies up to 24 or 96 samples at a time, enhancing your productivity and throughput
  • Enhanced security for confidence—The system has passed penetration testing that fulfills US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cybersecurity guidance

Maintain data quality and integrity*

  • Reagent tracking—The system has the ability to store and archives information about reagents with each test, including lot number and expiration date, with each run. Archived files can be retrieved when required to track samples that were tested with a given set of reagents.
  • Traceability options—Automatically record plastic lots and enable reporting of reagent traceability through the instrument, enabling laboratories to easily track samples associated with a particular plate, set of reagents, run date and time, and data files
  • E-signature and data approval—SAE software records test events, actions taken, dates, usernames, user roles, and activity performed, for documentation and archiving purposes

*Enable in Diomni Integrated mode with QuantStudio 5 and 7 Pro Dx Instruments

KingFisher automated purification instruments for
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The pinnacle of clinical automation and sample purification for DNA, RNA, proteins, cells, and more

Building on decades of expertise, value, and excellence from KingFisher instruments, we combined exceptional instrument capabilities with IVD and IVD-R regulatory compliance to deliver remarkable capabilities and performance. We’ve added capability without the complexity, so clinical sample prep can be simple.

KingFisher Apex Dx system features


Diomni Enterprise Software for Connectivity and Laboratory Ecosystem Management

Optional Diomni software enables remote browser-based application for multiple users and instruments connectivity for the convenience of your laboratory ecosystem management.

BindIx v.1.0.44 for KingFisher Apex Dx

Version 1.0.44 is tested for use with the KingFisher Apex Dx instrument.
Download BindIx v.1.0.44


Warranty and AB Platinum service plan

Every KingFisher system comes with a one-year warranty. Extended coverage service plans are also available at the time of instrument purchase. We can also customize a service solution based on your lab’s needs.

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SmartStart training

The KingFisher system includes SmartStart orientation to get you up and running quickly in your lab. The orientation includes basic familiarization and setup with online instrument management and includes on-site training.

Qualification services

Add an Installation or Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) to your instrument purchase and receive timely, audit-ready qualification documentation to help ensure your instrument is installed and operating to manufacturer’s specifications.

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Instrument specifications

Instrument sizeBenchtop
Throughput levelMid to high
Samples per runup to 24 or 96 samples per run
Block formatInterchangeable, 24 or 96
Format24 or 96 run format
Dimensions79 x 56 x 46 cm (H x W x D)
Regulatory statusIVD, IVD-R
LIMS/LIS connectivityOption for enablement with Diomni Enterprise Software
Display type10 in. touch display
Instrument memory~30 GB
For use with (application)Nucleic acid isolation and magnetic bead based workflows
CommunicationsUSB, LAN for local network
Internal barcode reader1D
Weight56 kg
Operating conditions (indoor use only)Ambient temperature range should be between 4°C (39°F) and 35°C (95°F) Ambient humidity should be no more than 80% at temperatures up to 31°C (88°F) decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 35°C (95°F)
Mains power supply100–240±10% VAC, 50/60 Hz (nominal), automatic voltage detection
Overvoltage categoryInstallation categories II
Power consumption280 VA maximum
Data connectivityUSB (Device) for PC, LAN or USB Wi-Fi adapter for network, RS-232 for automation
Ultraviolet light2 UV lamps 18 W (can be set to run for up to 23h 59 min)

Performance specifications

Maximum specimens per run96
Plate types (polypropylene – disposable, barcoded)24- or 96-well plates:
  • KingFisher 24 deep well plate (30 µL to 5 mL)
  • KingFisher 96 deep well plate (15–1000 µL)
  • KingFisher 96 plate (15–200 µL)
  • PCR plate (10–80 µL, SKU AB2396 and SKU AB2496)
Tip combs (polypropylene – disposable, barcoded)24- or 96-well format in one frame
  • KingFisher 96 Combi Tip Comb
  • KingFisher 24 Combi Tip Comb
  • KingFisher 96 PCR tip comb
  • KingFisher 96 Deep Well Tip Comb
  • KingFisher 96 Tip Comb for KingFisher 96 Magnets
  • KingFisher 24 Deep Well Tip Comb
Heating/Cooling temperature rangeFrom 4°C to 100°C, instrument at room temperature
Heating block accuracy±2°C (min 4°C), ±2°C (max 80°C), ±3°C (min 81°C to 100°C), instrument at room temperature

Ordering information

Components of instrument

Heating Blocks

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The Apex Dx instrument is available in the following regions: United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Romania, Iceland, Malta, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Australia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia.

For In-Vitro Diagnostic Use

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