More with MAS controls

Do more with less steps, less waste, less cost. Thermo Scientific MAS Omni controls offer highly consolidated solutions to help you simplify QC routine with fewer bottles. Our long shelf life and open vial stability helps streamline QC management and reduce waste.


MAS QC products deliver accurate results to help you ensure reliable patient results. Find a full range of high-quality QC products for general chemistry, immunoassays, cardiac, toxicology, urinalysis, specialty, and more.


For molecular QC solutions, explore Thermo Scientific AcroMetrix Quality Controls and standards. 

Thermo Scientific LabLink xL Laboratory quality control software

Simplify your quality control management with Lablink xL software. This cloud-based software provides real-time peer comparisons, automatic data entry, audit-friendly reports, and much more.


Explore more capabilities with MAS Quality Controls (QC)

More efficiency

Thermo Scientific MAS Omni Quality Controls consolidate routinely used QC products, covering a large number of analytes into a single vial. These consolidated controls improve efficiency while maintaining reliable results.

More performance

Industry-leading up to 5 years lot shelf life*

  • Fewer lot-to-lot validation
  • Benefit from long-term QC management
  • Increase productivity

More time

Once thawed, MAS quality controls are ready to use, straight from  refrigeration. Spend less time every day preparing and more time focusing on patient samples.

  • No reconstitution
  • No need to bring to room temperature.
  • Reduce potential errors
  • Maximize productivity

Minimize waste

Most MAS QC provide 30-day open-vial stability*

  • Minimize waste and maximize usage with better open vial stability

Discover MAS QC products for clinical laboratories

Choose the MAS quality controls you need, each with long open vial stability, a ready-to-use design, and extended shelf life. 

Explore QC related resources

Enhance your knowledge of quality controls by exploring available resources, including scientific webinars, brochures, technical notes, scientific posters, and more.