The Prodigy™ Instrument will free up valuable technologists time and improve laboratory efficiency by automating the entire SSO assay. Run time is only 1.5 to 3 hours, including data collection. Its complete automation will give you superior reproducibility. The Prodigy Instrument’s Touchscreen will walk you through the easy assay set-up by providing step by step instructions along with your run’s specific reagent needs. 

  • Optimized Small Footprint: 27”W x 23”L x 23”H
  • User Friendly TouchScreen for machine set-up
  • Integrated camera takes a snapshot of the chip and transfers to software analysis for immediate interpretation
  • Microarray has 5x the capacity of today’s bead
  • Barcode reader to identify strip lots for traceability
  • Single and Dual hit Probes are designed for all known Exon 2 & 3 polymorphisms
  • Ability to run 1-12 strips (8-96) samples of any loci at a time
  • Identical 1.5 hour amplification strategy for all loci

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