The Prodigy™ Instrument will free up valuable technologists time and improve laboratory efficiency by automating the entire SSO assay. Run time is only 1.5 to 3 hours, including data collection. Its complete automation will give you superior reproducibility. The Prodigy Instrument’s Touchscreen will walk you through the easy assay set-up by providing step by step instructions along with your run’s specific reagent needs. 

  • Optimized Small Footprint: 27”W x 23”L x 23”H
  • User Friendly TouchScreen for machine set-up
  • Integrated camera takes a snapshot of the chip and transfers to software analysis for immediate interpretation
  • Microarray has 5x the capacity of today’s bead
  • Barcode reader to identify strip lots for traceability
  • Single and Dual hit Probes are designed for all known Exon 2 & 3 polymorphisms
  • Ability to run 1-12 strips (8-96) samples of any loci at a time
  • Identical 1.5 hour amplification strategy for all loci
Prodigy™system  technology is a state-of-the-art microarray system that simplifies the complexity of HLA testing. Streamline your sample workflow with a single easy-to-use instrument that hybridizes, detects and analyzes. With a few simple touches on this automated system, you get high resolution, unmatched efficiency and superior reliability. The Prodigy™ platform goes beyond the technologies of yesterday and today, and equips you with what’s in store for tomorrow.

•  HLA experienced and dedicated technical support team for software and assay support
•  Applied Biosystems engineers, our instrument experts, will offer dedicated support for installs, service, repairs
•  Full instrument tracking and complaint handling systems
•  Provide escalation process to enable all specialists to react quickly to customer demand

Superior Analysis
The Prodigy™ SSO user friendly analysis software completes the automation process.
It’s intuitive and unique design provides fast and accurate results while providing user
defined flexibility for low and high throughput capabilities
Analysis Features
• Windows XP SP3Based Design
• Networking capabilities to
include multiple instruments
• Multiple control spots located
in each quadrant of the chip
• Analyzes chip image by comparing
background to chip intensity
• Positive Probe Display Box
• Common and Rare results
differentiated by color 
• Simple worksheet creation:
Intelligently optimizes space and
creates tray map from entered
patient samples and requested loci.
• NMDP codes provided
• Chip image displayed on