• Fully automated probe hybridization and strip detection system 
  • Flexible—excellent for both high- and low-throughput users
  • Applications may include screening bone marrow donors and solid organ transplantation
  • For invitro diagnostic use

Principles of the assay

The RELI™ (reverse line) low- to intermediate-resolution blot technique immobilizes sequence-specific oligonucleotide (SSO) probes on a membrane strip. Classical HLA class I and class II alleles are easily identified by the simple band patterns produced by the selective hybridization of the sample amplicon to the probes on each locus-specific strip. The DNA sample undergoes PCR amplification using primers that flank the specific target region of an HLA locus. 

The RELI™ SSO test is a 4-step process: 
1. PCR amplification 
2. Probe hybridization 
3. Strip detection 
4. Results interpretation