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Scientific and technological advances are enabling population level molecular profiling. Learn more about how to maximize insights from your samples to deliver improved health outcomes.

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Pharmacogenomics is Ready to Go Mainstream

In the United States , the estimated annual cost of drug-related morbidity and mortality resulting from non-optimized medication therapy amounts to 16 percent of the country’s total health care expenditures. Read how pharmacogenomics, envisions the widespread use of genetic testing to predict how patients may respond to particular medications, and is increasingly used during drug discovery and development with the promise of reducing drug-related morbidity and mortality.

The Saudi Human Genome Program: Bringing Genetic Testing to Routine Clinical Care

The Saudi Human Genome Program (SHGP) is a national project to study the genetic basis of disease in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. This program is aimed at understanding the population’s fundamental biological makeup to help drive direct and indirect advances in medical care for decades to come by using genomic information to determine genetic risk and causality for “all health-related conditions.”

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