Powerful molecular testing across the drug development continuum—from preclinical to CDx for oncology

Genomics plays an essential role in oncology drug discovery and companion diagnostic development. The Oncomine™ Comprehensive Assay* is a next-generation sequencing tool enabling the analysis of hundreds of genes in a single run, providing a universal solution for use in your drug and companion diagnostic development efforts.

Oncomine™ Comprehensive Assay—one targeted next-generation sequencing tool for multiple drug and companion Dx development programs

The Oncomine™ Comprehensive Assay is based on the proven Ion Torrent™ next-generation sequencing platform and powerful Ion AmpliSeq™ library preparation technology, and also leverages the Oncomine™ Knowledgebase, a rich cancer genomics data resource, for target selection, variant calling, and data annotations. Features include:

  • Minimal sample input required per run—making it well suited for analysis of precious tumor samples
  • Measures 143 genes relevant in cancer research to provide a comprehensive view of the most common mutations and those under investigation with supporting information on clinical trials and investigational drug targets as well as drug labels, guidelines, and published evidence
  • Generates data for hundreds of important biomarkers in a single run, targeting well-referenced hotspot mutations, CNVs, gene fusions, and indels
  • Easy-to-perform workflow with fast turnaround time—get your NGS data easily and quickly

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FFPE Sample
Extracted DNA and RNA

Oncomine Comprehensive Assay, Ion 318 Chip, and Ion PGM System

Oncomine Assay Knowledgebase


Starting with nucleic acid extraction from FFPE samples, library preparation is performed with the Oncomine Comprehensive Assay, based on proven Ion AmpliSeq™ technology. The highly informative biomarker targets in the panel have been carefully selected by leveraging the expertly curated cancer genomics data within the comprehensive Oncomine™ Knowledgebase. Next-generation sequencing is completed quickly and easily using the Ion PGM™ System. The resulting annotated variant data—including hotspot mutations, CNVs, gene fusions, and indels—can be further analyzed using the Oncomine™ Assay Knowledgebase, which helps enable users prepare a report meeting their specific laboratory needs.

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The Oncomine™ Comprehensive Assay* could become your universal test for multiple oncology drug and companion diagnostic development programs. Leveraging the power of Ion AmpliSeq™ technology, this assay delivers simple and targeted sequencing of hundreds of targets relevant to clinical drug trials and investigational drug targets as well as drug labels, guidelines and published evidence. Based on ultrahigh-multiplex PCR, Ion AmpliSeq technology requires as little as 10 ng of input DNA or RNA per reaction to target sets of genes, including SNPs, CNVs, gene fusions, and indels, making sequencing of FFPE samples routine on the Ion PGM™ System.

Alternative target selection methods are lengthy and complex and require large amounts (hundreds of nanograms) of DNA, making them less practical for routine sequencing of DNA or RNA from the FFPE tissues commonly used in clinical cancer research, drug, and companion diagnostic development.

Because Ion AmpliSeq technology can amplify hundreds of biomarker targets in a single reaction, the Oncomine™ Comprehensive Assay can comprehensively analyze hundreds of the most referenced oncology biomarkers using just 3 primer pools. This not only enables a fast and easy workflow, but also helps ensure that important and actionable—but less prevalent—cancer variants are not missed.

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Ion Torrent NGS platform is the solution to advance oncology drug and companion diagnostic development


Learn more about Ion Torrent™ next-generation sequencing technology.

The Ion PGM™ System combines semiconductor sequencing technology with natural biochemistry to directly translate chemical information into digital data. The system’s use of simple, natural sequencing chemistry eliminates the need for complicated optics and detection systems, democratizing sequencing and making it accessible to virtually any laboratory, and reduces complex chemistries to measure natural DNA extension. Direct, real-time sequencing detection provides sequencing results typically in less than 3 hours.

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Oncomine Assay Knowledgebase Data Tables and Reported Summaries

To inform and drive drug discovery and companion diagnostic development programs, the vast genomic data sets produced by next-generation sequencing studies must be analyzed, annotated, and, ultimately, interpreted by experienced bioinformaticians. The Oncomine Knowledgebase, the world’s largest curated compendium of cancer genomic information, is a database of integrated cancer genomics data with exceptional attention to detail. The Oncomine Knowledgebase was an instrumental tool in the selection of targets and the development of the Oncomine Comprehensive Assay.

Powered by the Oncomine Knowledgebase, the Oncomine™ Assay Knowledgebase was developed specifically for further examination of next-generation sequencing data generated from samples analyzed using the Oncomine Comprehensive Assay. Users may subsequently use this information to create data summaries and reports appropriate for their needs.

The Oncomine Assay Knowledgebase is a curated set of published evidence from clinical trials that supports the matching of driver genetic variants with relevant potential clinical therapeutic options, such as published therapeutic interventions and clinical trials. The Oncomine Assay Knowledgebase is comprised of two component tools:

Oncomine Assay Knowledgebase Data Tables

  • 3 data lookup tables in tab separated (.TSV) file format
  • Oncomine™ driver, prevalence, and actionability content for individual variants

Oncomine Assay Knowledgebase Reported Summaries

  • Pre-rendered supplementary information tables in PDF format
  • Summary files for variant actionability class and cancer type

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*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.