Transforming clinical development with cancer genomics

Dedicated to developing new ways to apply informatics to drug discovery and development, our translational bioinformatics team harnesses cancer genomic data and computational biology expertise to help transform your drug or clinical trial development efforts.

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Helping optimize clinical trial design

Our PhD-level scientists, who have extensive experience in clinical trial design, molecular diagnostics, and bioinformatics, can help save you time and money by streamlining your target and biomarker discovery efforts. From biomarker identification/verification to retrospective cohort analysis, your drug and companion diagnostic development efforts can benefit from implementing the Oncomine® Cancer Research Panel* and Workflow and the Compendia Bioscience™ bioinformatics services.

Expert bioinformatics support for studies leveraging the Oncomine® Cancer Research Panel*


Biomarker strategy refinement

Optimize your drug development pipeline by using the Compendia Bioscience™ Bioinformatics Services team and the Oncomine® Knowledgebase to:

  • Identify/verify targets and biomarkers relevant to your compound and/or your compound’s mechanism of action
  • Prospectively identify populations using predictive genomic biomarkers


Risk mitigation and management

Leverage preclinical pharmacological data and the Oncomine® Knowledgebase to help mitigate risk by identifying the optimal genetic coverage (including genes and variants) that can used for population stratification.

  • Biomarker analysis in the Oncomine® Knowledgebase for optimal coverage recommendations
  • Population development stratification

Retrospective cohort analysis

Evaluate the distribution and frequency of specific biomarkers and biomarker combinations across your cohort to inform decision-making for drug development strategies.

  • Retrospective population analysis
  • Predictive biomarker verification
  • Target validation

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*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.