The Oncomine Comprehensive Assay Plus and Oncomine Comprehensive Assay v3 are members of the family of Oncomine assays for clinical cancer research.  Oncomine assays are multiple-biomarker next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based assays that have been adopted by leading cancer research institutions around the world and have been used to profile thousands of samples in different translational and clinical research projects including the NCI MATCH trial, delivering consistently reliable results.

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Oncomine Comprehensive assays, based on Ion Ampliseq technology and enabled by the Ion Torrent sequencing platforms, provide:

  • Relevant content based on evidence from Oncomine Knowledgebase, a proprietary genomic database curated over a decade and cited thousands of times for oncology research, and from collaboration with leading oncology research institutions and pharma companies
  • Multiple biomarker type analysis including hotspot SNVs, indels, CNVs, and gene fusions across a range of cancer types
  • Proven and reliable performance with high specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility across different research laboratories, enabled by the robust design and enhanced manufacturing quality of reagents in our ISO13485-compliant facility, including enhanced QC
  • Robust results from even those challenging FFPE tissue samples, including FNAs, with sample input as low as 10 ngs of DNA and RNA
  • Efficient workflow on Ion Chef System plus Ion GeneStudio S5 or Ion Torrent Genexus system with high multiplexing flexibility and fast time to results
  • Enhanced bioinformatics and reporting solutions developed for the Ion Torrent platforms and optimized Oncomine assays, including Oncomine Reporter, enabling contextual investigation of sample-specific variants to understand their relevance in the latest oncology research

Which Oncomine Comprehensive assay fits your clinical research needs?

Compare and contrast the Oncomine Comprehensive Assay Plus and the Oncomine Comprehensive Assay v3. Follow the links below to see performance data and learn more about each assay.

 Oncomine Comprehensive Assay PlusOncomine Comprehensive Assay v3
SummaryBroad, pan-cancer assay for comprehensive genomic profiling of key biomarkers across targeted and immuno-oncology applicationsMulti-biomarker assay based on latest clinical oncology research for targeted solid tumor applications
Gene count500+ unique genes161 unique genes
Sample typeFFPE, DNA, and RNAFFPE, DNA, and RNA
BiomarkersTargeted and immuno-oncologyTargeted
VariantsHotspots, CNVs, fusions, splice variantsHotspots, CNVs, fusions
PlatformIon GeneStudio S5 Prime System
Ion GeneStudio S5 Plus System
Ion Torrent Genexus System
Ion GeneStudio S5 systems
ReportingYes, with variant data, TMB, MSI status, and relevant insightsYes, with variant data and relevant insights

Oncomine Comprehensive Assay workflow

Oncomine Comprehensive assays are part of an end-to-end workflow that includes sample preparation on the Ion Chef System, scalable sequencing with the Ion GeneStudio S5 or Genexus Systems, and post-sequencing analysis on Ion Reporter Software with a results report provided by Oncomine Reporter.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.