Wastewater surveillance is a highly effective, non-invasive public health tool to continuously identify and track the presence and epidemiologic characteristics of infectious pathogens in a localized environment. Data from such programs are useful for identifying and characterizing emerging pathogens, and this information can then be used to inform public health action.

Whether you are planning, outfitting or upgrading your wastewater pathogen surveillance program, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers you a comprehensive portfolio of technologies, products, solutions and services to support your program. With a demonstrated record of serving and supporting the needs of public health pathogen testing, we possess the depth of knowledge and experience you expect and need. Our comprehensive portfolio of products are here to help advance your research. See pathogen surveillance workflow.

Wastewater surveillance testing workflow

Flexible, scalable, end-to-end workflow solutions

With our comprehensive range of products spanning across the entire workflow—from sample collection through sample preparation, to pathogen detection and characterization—you will find all that you need for your wastewater surveillance program from a single supplier.  When choosing Thermo Fisher Scientific for your pathogen surveillance program, you will also have access to application-specific technical support and service expertise, giving you added peace of mind.

Sample collection, sample concentration, and viral nucleic acid extraction
Pathogen detection, and virus characterization and variant detection

Learn more about our research tools and resources for wastewater pathogen surveillance testing

Pipetting wastewater samples in test tubes

Offering a range of products for concentration and extraction of wastewater samples.

Wastewater extraction and purification ›

PCR samples being loaded into a thermocycler

Identify and quantify extremely low levels of pathogen with our digital PCR tools.

Digital PCR tools ›

Characterizing and identifying pathogen variants found in wastewater

Characterize and identify variant and emerging mutations using our genetic sequencing tools.

Sanger sequencing › 
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) ›

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