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As the trusted partner of HLA labs around the world, the Transplant Diagnostics business of Thermo Fisher Scientific provides essential assays and services that deliver reliable and actionable data.

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Antibody monitoring assays

Molecular monitoring assays

Gene expression profiling services

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Antibody monitoring assays

Precise HLA antibody detection, key to transplant success. Detect HLA antibodies, especially donor-specific ones (DSAs), linked to transplant rejection. Pregnancy, transfusions, or mismatched grafts can trigger antibody formation. Early DSA detection and intervention improve outcomes. Our reliable, high-sensitivity single-bead assays offer optimal antibody monitoring for better transplant care.

Cell-free DNA monitoring assay

Accept cfDNA is an NGS assay designed to detect and analyze circulating dd-cfDNA in post-transplant human plasma samples. Its unique indel design allows for accurate results, reduces amplification and sequencing errors. Combined with an efficient workflow, Accept cfDNA is the ideal tool for post-transplant monitoring and provides early time to result when run in your own in house HLA lab.

Chimerism monitoring assay

Designed to provide accurate and sensitive detection of microchimerism levels in stem cell transplant samples, the One Lambda Devyser Chimerism NGS assay is a post-transplant monitoring solution that is perfect for HLA and molecular core labs associated with HSCT Programs.

Gene expression profiling services

MMDx Heart and MMDx Kidney complement conventional biopsy processing to improve the assessment of rejection and injury in transplanted organs. These Laboratory Developed Tests use a GeneChip Custom Microarray to measure mRNA transcript levels in biopsies along with extensive big data derived from individuals and populations.

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