Introducing Cloud Connect Utility (CCU) 2.0—our latest tool that allows you to easily upload your files to Thermo Fisher Connect from any Windows or Mac operating system.

Our connect utility brings innovation to your lab at zero cost: securely upload your data files from instruments that aren’t currently cloud-enabled. Simply download the utility to your control PC for the following devices: Applied Biosystems StepOne, StepOne Plus, ViiA 7, and 7900 PCR systems, and Sanger sequencing Applied Biosystems 3100/3730 Genetic Analyzers.

Why connect your devices? Thermo Fisher Connect allows you to store and backup files with world-class security, analyze your saved data using our web-based apps, and easily share your datasets with your colleagues. 

To get started, simply download and install CCU to your Mac or Windows PC. From there, follow the onscreen setup guide to set up the tool and select your folders to be synced with Thermo Fisher Connect.

*Compatible with Windows 7 and Macs OS X Yosemite onwards.

Download the Cloud Connect Utility:

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