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Perfect Pairings: Tried & True Tech Combinations

6 of our technical experts’ favorite tool combinations at the bench

Some things just belong together: coffee and cream, thunder and lightning, lock and key, antibodies and antigens. We asked technical experts about some of their favorite technology combinations across applications, from molecular biology to cell therapy and beyond.

Learning Resources

Below is a selection of our most popular learning centers and discovery tools across applications.

Recombinant Protein Learning Center

Learn about major types of recombinant proteins and their applications in disease modeling, drug discovery, cell therapy, and more with our collection of application notes, protocols, and FAQs.

Futurizing Your Workflows and Sample Prep

Set yourself up for future success. Check out the latest tools across molecular biology research applications that can enable fast and accurate results from sample to analysis.

Futurizing Your Workflows and Sample Prep

Gibco Education Center for Cell Biology

This is your hub for immersive learning materials on cell culture, transfection, stem cell research, and more. Learn from home with our virtual reality lab and eLearning modules developed by technical experts.

Protein Expression Learning Lab

Check out this immersive lab environment with interactive content designed to guide you in your strategies for rapid generation of recombinant proteins at the bench.

Protein Expression Learning Lab

Immunology Learning Center

Explore this curated collection of resources for researchers interested in the exciting field of immunology – with technical resources, technology guides, immunologist peer stories, and more.

CultureQuest Game

Prove your cell culture and recombinant protein skills in this digital game. Make it onto the leaderboard by being the quickest to differentiate your cell.

CultureQuest Game

School of Molecular Biology

One of our most popular learning resources, the School of Molecular Biology is a rich source of free webinars, literature, tools, and courses related to core techniques in the field.

DNA and RNA Learning Center

Dive into these curated articles, webinars, eBooks, and more compiled to answer your questions about sample handling in areas like infectious disease, vaccine, microbiome, wastewater, and cancer research.

DNA and RNA Learning Center

60-Second Innovation Insights

Innovation is powered by scientists thinking “outside the box.” Watch these video shorts and discover the latest in life science research, from scientist to scientist, in about a minute.

Protein Analysis Learning Center

The Protein Analysis Learning Center is here to assist you in your quest to understand the proteome, whether you want to review the basics, gain more in-depth knowledge, or discover how to use the latest research tools.

Protein Analysis Learning Center