New limited-edition art poster!

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the discovery of DNA, we are thrilled to present the fourth limited-edition art print in our series.
For this special occasion, we teamed up with the talented artist Lisa Sheean, known for her imaginative CGI illustrations that blend 2D and 3D elements with a vibrant pop of colors.

A great addition to any lab or home office. Don't miss out on this unique and special poster! Get your hands on one today!

About the artist: Lisa Sheehan is a freelance 2D/3D CGI illustrator from Bedfordshire, near London, UK. Originally interested in 3D art, she later transitioned into graphic design and became an Art Director for the Financial Times, where she spent 20 years commissioning CGI artists.

DNA Insights: Conversations Among Scientists

DNA—Then and now – 25 min

Explore the vital role of evolving DNA extraction techniques, automation, and their impact on high-quality DNA for groundbreaking genomics and health research. Discover how history, technology, and research converge in this short presentation.

Sample preparation in NGS and why good results matter – 60 min

Simplify your workflow while mastering crucial techniques for successful experiments. Learn optimal sample preparation methods and explore quality extracts for FFPE, buccal swabs, and blood nucleic acid extraction.

DNA never gets old!

Celebrations should always be fun! Test your knowledge with our quizzes and dive deeper into the world of DNA with our expertly written articles and more. Whether you’re a curious student or a professional looking to expand your education, you’ll find something to challenge and inspire you in our collection.

Molecular biology breakthroughs advancing science

Explore the workflow innovations and resources that are fueling faster discovery over the years.

eBook: Unlocking the secrets of the brain

Advancements in genetics and molecular technologies offer great potential in unraveling neurodegeneration mysteries, enabling the development of precise biomarkers and therapies.

Innovate your sample preparation with automation

Take advantage now and save up to 60% on automated sample preparation. This offer won’t last long. Set your lab up for future research.

Your gene editing companion: the Neon NxT Electroporation System

It can help improve performance with gene editing–specific payloads (e.g., CRISPR-Cas9), especially for knock-in-based applications in various cell lines, with the use of the Invitrogen Neon NxT Resuspension Genome Editing Buffer and our gene editing reagents.

New episode! Speaking of Mol Bio—Podcast Series

Join the Speaking of Mol Bio Podcast for fascinating conversations with global experts, exploring trending science applications and molecular biology's role in pushing the boundaries of medicine, drug discovery, and disease treatment.

Advance your DNA science discoveries

From the momentous discovery of the structure of DNA, every scientific advancement and product innovation has played a role in bringing us to where we stand today.

Featured resources & tools

Progress comes from learning. Expand your knowledge, learn about new techniques and tools with our free on-demand webinars and resources.

Advancing your DNA discoveries—Genome editing technologies

Advance your discoveries with fast, accurate results enabled by innovative products across the gene editing workflow.

How-to video series: Genome editing basics

Our collection of tutorial videos provides step-by-step guidance on how to conduct key genome editing knock-out and knock-in experiments in various cell types, including induced pluripotent stem cells and T cells.

The revolution of CRISPR genome editing: A panel discussion

Join a panel of industry leaders as they explore ways in which CRISPR gene editing technology is revolutionizing future research applications.

What's next?

Uncover the future of genomics research. Stay up to date with our new resources and solutions.

Watch on-demand webinar: DNA polymerases at work: finding your PCR champion

In this webinar, gain insight into the evolution of DNA polymerase technology and learn tips for selecting the most suitable polymerase for your PCR applications.

Automation is the future of sample purification

Save time, increase consistency, and stay flexible. Be prepared for your research ahead with KingFisher automated purification systems.

DNA cloning Protocol

Explore our cloning protocol with scientist Maria

In case you missed it

Gene Editing Basics Learning Center

In this educational web hub, you will find a variety of tools and resources to support your understanding of gene editing techniques and methods.

Western blot and gel imaging

DNA electrophoresis can be performed with Invitrogen E-Gel precast agarose gels in less than 30 minutes, and no gel preparation or liquid buffers are required.

Optimize your PCR

Master the critical components of successful PCR experiments, troubleshoot common issues, and optimize your techniques for optimal results.

What's your research style?

Are you a social butterfly or an introvert party person? What about your molecular biology personality? Take the quiz and find out now!

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