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Need to stay up to date on the latest innovation, technologies, and tools made to empower life science researchers? Then “Innovation Insights”—a new series of video shorts—is for you. We know that between running experiments, validating data and writing papers you may not have the time to stay on top of trends but if you give us literally a minute, we can keep you current. Bookmark this page and watch this space for ongoing video drops in which scientists highlight what’s new, why it matters and how it may enable your next breakthrough.  

Innovation insights

Innovation is powered by scientists thinking “outside the box.” Our R&D teams are no different. Watch these video shortsfrom scientists to scientistsand discover the latest in life science research.  

What’s new?

Watch this section for the newly released products, technologies, tools and resources to advance your life science research.

Molecular biology tools for virology research

Access educational content and protocols on our proven molecular biology workflows to boost your viral research.

Biotech Innovators: how it started

Discover an inspirational story of business leaders who are making a lasting impact in the life sciences and biotech space.

Increase AAV vector production

An optimized solution to increase AAV titers, reduce production costs, and help transition from research to clinical

Two data sets, one flow step, zero doubt

The Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer combines acoustic focusing for high sensitivity and throughput with a high-speed camera

Product updates

Watch this space to see if your favorite product, solution or service has had an update or enhancement.

NovaFluor antibody conjugates

Designed to aid in the construction of flow cytometry panels with increased resolution while expanding the overall size of panels

Genome Engineering Services

Expanded, large knock-in capabilities—now for any cell type

One Shot Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)

Heat-inactivated One Shot FBS now available