See how microbiome research can take us from underground to outer space

In a quest for lifelong learning by literally sampling the world around him, Dr. Christopher Mason, Professor of Computational Genomics at Weill Cornell Medicine, discovers new microbial insights.


Learn how his research journey spans from subway samples to the NASA twin study, necessitating the development of new protocols to draw blood from space and preserve cell viability.

According to Dr Mason, sample collection and preservation is vital to processing in a uniform, reliable fashion.  He uses Thermo Fisher 2D matrix tubes with redundant bar code etched into the tube to ensure nothing is lost.

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Endpoint assays for the characterization of rare and therapy-resistant cells in cancer

Learn from Dr. Jordi Petriz, from Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute, about using flow cytometry to minimize the effect of sample preparation on the PD-L1 expression at the single cell level by using a stimulatory functional assay to evaluate immunotherapy strategies in human cancer. (Duration: 1 hour)

Driving lab efficiency with PCR power

Uncover time-saving tips to help increase your PCR productivity and learn about common pitfalls that can be avoided with innovations in enzymes, instruments, and plastics. Presented by Marija Navickaitė and Kyle Hondorp, Product Managers from Thermo Fisher Scientific. (Duration: 1 hour)

New Innovations in T cell and Viral Manufacturing

Discover technological innovations impacting the urgent needs in cell and gene therapy development, including an exclusive take on Thermo Fisher Scientific’s new innovations and technology for T cell and viral vector manufacturing. Presented by Xavier de Mollerat du Jeu, Director of Cell and Gene Therapy at Thermo Fisher Scientific. (Duration: 12 minutes)

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