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With Thermo Fisher Connect your data is always ready to analyze, scale and share. Try our free solution to upgrade your lab with powerful and secure computing capabilities. When connectivity, storage, experiments, analysis and collaboration all run through the same system, the productivity benefits are exponential. Our suite of digital tools creates bold new efficiencies for your lab.

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 Connect and store

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Direct Connect

Enter your Thermo Fisher Connect account credentials directly on the instrument screen to connect when connected via Ethernet of WiFi.
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PC Connect

For instruments directly connected via a PC, upload your data to the cloud via our Cloud Connect Utility (CCU) after logging in with your Thermo Fisher Connect account credentials.
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Easily save and synchronize your files to your secure, personal Thermo Fisher Connect account. One TB of storage free to start. 


Stay connected with your instrument and equipment dashboard

  • View the status of all your lab’s connected instruments in a single dashboard
  • See notifications for your instrument
  • Monitor equipment telemetry data
  • Do it all from your mobile

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Analyze more data faster with an expansive offering of primary and secondary analysis software for applications including real-time qPCR, next-generation or Sanger CE sequencing, mass spectrometry, and more. Thermo Fisher Connect apps combine hundreds of experiments into one project, so you can quickly analyze even large data sets—up to 10 times faster than the software version for desktops.

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Collaborate in a secure group or connect with a community

  • Peer and document collaboration tools
  • Group permissions and custom sharing options
  • Self-curated, secure communities
  • Scientific content libraries

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Looking for an enterprise solution?

The Platform for Science is ideal for labs with complex workflows. The platform includes:

  • Workflow solutions to support your specific methods and instruments
  • A single source for your scientific data
  • Connectivity with your existing systems
  • Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN)
  • Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS)

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