Thermo Fisher Connect Platform

True orchestration and connectivity across your scientific ecosystem

The Thermo Fisher Connect Platform works with existing software to bring together your unique scientific environment, with all the equipment, instruments, and applications you use today. The platform delivers a full suite of digital capabilities to let you unleash effective performance in your lab - in essence, helping to make what you already have more productive, and removing limits on what you can achieve. Secure, cloud-based storage connected to your instruments enables access to more of your data, from anywhere. Scientific analysis apps and peer collaboration tools simplify data analysis and sharing. Asset management tools allow you to remotely schedule time on your lab’s instruments and monitor runs, while telemetry data and remote troubleshooting provide reassurance and optimize uptime. The Connect Platform enables you to focus on what matters most, the science.


Access a wealth of scientific and collaborative tools

The Connect Platform includes an ever-growing library of apps that enable faster workflows, efficient collaboration, and rich information at your fingertips.

Future-ready labs

Digital transformation is an ongoing journey. The Connect Platform readies you for tomorrow’s growth and advances.

Find the Connect edition to fit your needs

The Connect Platform is designed to give you immediate functionality and scalability, growing with you and your organization.

Data security – be confident in your choice

Data and protocol confidentiality are critical, both to your research and to the publication process. Learn more about our rigorous security safeguards.

Connect your lab equipment

Discover how simple it is to connect your instruments and equipment to the Connect Platform.


Connect your scientific ecosystem

Connecting people, software, data, and equipment to advance your science is what the Connect Platform is all about.