Enabling a future-ready and fully connected scientific ecosystem

New techniques, software, and hardware… you know they are coming. The Thermo Fisher Connect Platform is designed to grow and work with innovative technologies. Today, companies have difficulty managing complex and disconnected infrastructures due to a changing landscape of multi-vendor software and instruments. The Connect Platform delivers features for a secure, scalable solution, helping to orchestrate the execution of lab processes by integrating software, instruments, and data across your lab’s existing ecosystem.

Whole lab connectivity

There are many elements to the digital laboratory. Organizations need to consider people, instruments, processes, and systems when they consider how to digitally transform their lab environment. Thermo Fisher Scientific is uniquely positioned to enhance the scientific experience by delivering ease of use and simplicity.


The Connect Platform provides:

  • Orchestrated workflows guide users through processes involving multiple systems
  • Centralized access to Thermo Fisher Scientific instrument service and expertise
  • Connectivity to monitor and maintain instruments and equipment
  • Granular data sharing controls to enhance collaboration
  • A secure environment developed using our Corporate Information Security program

Connect your workflows

Connect Platform software streamlines tasks, eliminates clicks, and drives down non-value add actions when executing common scientific workflows. Scientists can easily see what their next tasks are, and which need to be addressed first, as well as their upcoming workload. Workflow orchestration drives scientists through stepwise, task-oriented processes by alerting them to next steps, leading them to the application they need, and automating decisions based on business intelligence. Workflow orchestration facilitates and streamlines software interaction, enabling scientists to focus on science.

  • Orchestration can be visualized and designed through an intuitive designer that connects workflows across systems and processes
  • Import instrument data into orchestrated laboratory workflows to streamline lab processes
  • Lead scientists through tasks with alerts to next steps and priority tasks
  • View and manage personal workload through a single user interface
  • Keep workflows moving with automated next steps using business intelligence
  • Transition work between individuals to ease workload and improve efficiencies
  • Streamline transitions between multiple systems for an improved experience

Connect your people

Working together effectively, so people are empowered to make decisions and execute tasks to achieve their goals, is a key component of the Connect Platform. Software should not be a barrier or a challenge. With the Connect Platform everyone who needs to work together can create and share data, reserve time on instruments and equipment, contribute to workflow execution, review results, and create and distribute reports. Access is managed via your own corporate identity platform, providing granular control and security.

Connect your data

You don’t need to collect more data. You need to take advantage of the data you already have. The data you have stored today may contain the foundations of a future product, treatment, or compound. Bring all your data together in one place and make it accessible for advanced data analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions. The Connect Platform provides secure, scalable data collection and storage for all data and metadata, providing the complete scientific story and enabling future reanalysis to derive hidden insights. Collect, extract, and collate data from all your stores to provide a single source of truth.

  • Collect and store data according to Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable (FAIR) data principles and enable AI/ML
  • Data integrity features address data and application access, from creation through to retention
  • Import legacy data to enable insights from historical and larger data sets
  • Secure, centralized repository enables advanced analytics

Vendor agnostic instrument connection

The Connect Platform can connect to many types of instruments and equipment.

Cloud-enabled instruments from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Enter your Connect Platform account credentials directly on the instrument screen to connect when connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and the instrument shows up in your Connect Platform instrument dashboard.


Connect instruments from other vendors

Download Thermo Fisher Connect Transfer software for Windows to automatically upload your data files from these instruments into your Connect Platform storage.


Equipment without connectivity 

Attach one of our connectivity devices such as the Device Link Connect or a Thermo Scientific Smart Vue Pro Remote Monitoring Solution system to compatible freezers, refrigerators and incubators, to transform them into connected equipment.

Comprehensive data security

Thermo Fisher Scientific has implemented various safeguards and procedures designed to help protect the Connect Platform, Individual and Team editions against intrusion and data compromise. The Connect Platform was designed and developed in collaboration with our Corporate Cybersecurity Program, which provides technical, administrative, and physical safeguards for detecting vulnerabilities and addressing potential threats.


Please view our security quick reference guide for more information on the security controls and practices implemented within the Connect Platform.