It’s your life’s work—we’ll help you protect it

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, security and privacy is our highest priority. We understand that the confidentiality of data and protocols are critical, both to your research and to the publication process. To ensure the highest levels of protection and security against any compromise to your data, we’ve built our Connect platform on the industry-leading Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) cloud-computing platform.

With AWS, all of your data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers managed by dozens of compliance programs and audit safeguards, as described below.

Data encryption

Our data storage system applies robust security standards including AES 256-bit encryption and physical safeguards. Additional protection layers, such as encryption using HTTPS/SSL with a 2048-bit SSL certificate, help protect your data transmission from being intercepted during transfer. These security measures at the transit layer (TLS) are similar to those employed by leading institutions including the CDC and the FDA.

Network firewalls

The Connect infrastructure services hosted by AWS are securely partitioned from any public access in a “virtual private” cloud (Amazon VPC) environment, with logical firewalls that restrict unauthorized access without appropriate credentials.

Scheduled audits

Security vulnerability assessments and data integrity tests are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that your data has not been compromised or altered in any way. Additionally, third-party security experts conduct ongoing systems audits, penetration, and preventive hacking tests.

Data backup and recovery

Connect follows robust industry standards for data backup and disaster recovery. It uses an AWS data center that has achieved SSAE 16–certification and has published a Service Organization Control 1 (SOC 1®) report. The SSAE 16 certificate verifies controls and processes, as well as design and operating effectiveness. Customer data is retained indefinitely as long as an account is in “active” status.

Data sharing

Collaboration and data sharing are secure—in most cases, more secure than storing and sharing data using common vehicles such as hard drives, portal drives, and email. With Connect, only the data owner can initiate sharing.

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Note: Your free storage amount is based on the individual user account and cannot be combined from multiple accounts.