Digital Solutions for Scientific Ecosystems

Transforming laboratory workflow solutions

Shaping the future of the automated scientific ecosystem

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers extensive capabilities across the molecule-to-medicine journey, including innovative laboratory instruments, reagents, consumables, clinical research services, bioproduction solutions, and pharmaceutical manufacturing across all modalities.


The Thermo Fisher Connect Platform, the backbone of digital science, is complemented by a growing portfolio of data and digital software capabilities, along with deep scientific expertise, to provide comprehensive solutions that transform the scientific experience and accelerate the delivery of lifesaving treatments.

Lab of the future insights

Dr. Hansjoerg Haas shares insights on the potential impact, challenges, and steps towards transformation with Lab of the Future (LoF) - a digitally integrated research space with automation, AI, and cloud computing.


Responding to a global healthcare challenge

Thermo Fisher delivered a high-throughput automated molecular diagnostic testing solution built from its own and third-party solutions.

Unlocking lab efficiency: LIMS solutions to drive productivity and quality results

Thermo Scientific LIMS solutions revolutionize lab data management, automating processes, ensuring compliance, and empowering organizations to achieve efficiency goals, accelerate discovery, and deliver quality results.

Revolutionizing chromatography & mass spectrometry with Ardia Platform

Thermo Scientific Ardia Platform transforms chromatography and mass spectrometry with centralized real-time data, scheduling, faster analysis, secure data management, and regulatory compliance. 

Transforming pharmaceutical innovation with scalable digital solutions

As the pharmaceutical industry embraces digital tech to address challenges and accelerate processes like drug discovery, Thermo Fisher Scientific develops scalable digital solutions and fosters partnerships to drive industry innovation.

Showcasing innovation at Bio-IT World

Learn how Thermo Fisher Scientific showcased their involvement and participation in the life sciences industry digital revolution at The Bio-IT World 2024.