eProcurement on thermofisher.com

eProcurement (B2B) is our end-to-end electronic procurement solution.

This secure connection that integrates your procurement system with our order management system allowing you to shop all within your eProcurement system.

About B2B

Looking to move your business to a business to business eProcurement (B2B) connection with thermofisher.com?

Enabling a new B2B connection

If you've recently enabled a new B2B connection for your company, congratulations! You have taken a great step forward in your shopping experience on thermofisher.com.

Enhancing your existing B2B connection

Congratulations on adding functionality to your B2B connection with thermofisher.com!

Converting an existing eProcurement enablement

There are many suppliers and eProcurement partners that operate connections to thermofisher.com. We know sometimes business requirements change over time, and a new vendor partner is needed.