High resolution structural analysis with cryo-EM

Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) is rapidly becoming the method of choice for biochemistry labs around the world, helping accelerate research. With cryo-EM, molecular details can be seen at biologically relevant resolutions, providing insights into protein function and disease mechanisms, and facilitating effective drug design. With cryo-EM, you can gain deeper insights into complex biological processes and pathways. 


Our cryo-transmission electron microscopes (cryo-TEMs) are powerful instruments that enable you to unravel life at the molecular level—easier, faster, and more reliably than ever before. Recent advances in instrument designs and automation mean cryo-EM is easier to use and more cost effective.

Explore cryo-EM techniques and solutions

Interactive module allows you to explore a range of EM methods from single particle to cryo-tomography.

Cryo-EM instruments and techniques

Cryo-transmission electron microscopes

Achieve unparalleled resolution with Thermo Scientific cryo-TEMs. Our full cryo-TEM portfolio features state-of-the-art technology with a range of automation features designed to extend accessibility and ease-of-use.

Single particle analysis

Single particle cryo-EM analysis enables structural characterization at near- and atomic resolutions, unraveling dynamic biological processes and the structures of biomolecular complexes and assemblies.

Cryo-electron tomography

Delivering both structural information about individual proteins as well as their spatial arrangements within the cell, cryo-ET is bridging the gap between light microscopy and near-atomic-resolution techniques like single-particle analysis.

Structure based drug design

Learn how to take advantage of rational drug design for many major drug target classes, leading to best-in-class drugs.

Microcrystal electron diffraction

MicroED extracts atomic details from individual nanocrystals (<200 nm in size), even in a heterogeneous mixture.

Cryo-EM sample preparation

Find a wide range of solutions and resources to achieve the high-quality samples needed for successful cryo-EM analysis.

Cryo-EM Resource Center

Uncover a vast wealth of information in the Cryo-EM Resource Center, including monthly webinars, upcoming events, podcasts, technical eBooks and application notes, and other resources that will help you accelerate your next discovery using cryo-EM.