Getting started with cryo-electron tomography technology

Our service portfolios deliver step-by-step support as you implement cryo-tomography into your lab. Whether you are integrating a Thermo Scientific Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB or Thermo Scientific Arctis Cryo-Plasma-FIB to complement your cryo-TEM, or you are implementing an entire workflow, our team of experts will set you up for success.


During the warranty period, our Accelerate Service includes workflow validation and the support of our Customer Success Manager, who will help plan your installation and coordinate resources. As you begin your research, our technologies make it easy for you to independently access resources while also facilitating a fast response from applications experts when needed.


During the post-warranty period, our Advance portfolio provides a continuation of our remote monitoring service, application support features, and access to the Scientific Workflows App and Connected Care Portal. It also includes preventive and corrective maintenance, spare parts coverage, and an on-site response with options ranging from 4 to 48 hours. The Advance portfolio supports the essential function of your instrument while also engaging you through technology-driven services.

Service and support for cryo-electron tomography instruments and workflows

When it comes to implementing a new workflow, you need a partner who offers next-level comprehensive instrument care so you can focus on your work. You need a partner who is not focused merely on fixing problems, but on preventative maintenance with our Connected Care digital infrastructure. We will support your instrument throughout its entire lifecycle, including installation, training, and data-driven proactive maintenance.


Accelerate Service and Support Programs for cryo-electron tomography

Advance Service and Support Programs for cryo-electron tomography

Classic Service and Support Programs for cryo-electron tomography

  Tech Direct Limited Essential Agile Secure Preferred Premier
on-site Response Time
4 business days 4 business days 48 hours 48 hours 7 business days 48 hours 24 hours
Labor   1 intervention included; 10% discount thereafter Defined # of visits included; 10% discount thereafter
Travel and Expenses   1 intervention included Defined # of visits included
Parts 10% discount 1 intervention included 15% discount Defined # of visits included
FEG Tip Replacement       Can be covered as part of defined visits
Preventative Maintenance  
RAPID Remote Support
Software Updates


*Not all offerings are available in each region. Please check with your Account Manager or Service Manager to determine what is available in your area