Revolutionizing Drug Discovery Pipelines with Cryo-EM

Rational drug design through protein structure determination

Rational design leveraging routine, high resolution protein structure determination is driving the discovery and development of diverse biologic and small molecule therapies. Since the “Resolution Revolution” almost one decade ago, the rapid maturation of cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) underpins the dramatic expansion of modalities benefitting from structural information. Cryo-EM delivers rapid epitope mapping on the atomic scale for antibody therapeutics and immune response profiling, supports elucidation of mechanism of action and is also enabling more therapeutic targets than ever before for Structure-Based Drug Design.

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Small molecule structure-based drug design

When protein structure is used centrally in early drug discovery, the time, cost, and risks of bringing molecules to the clinic are dramatically reduced. Cryo-EM is expanding the number of structurally enabled protein targets and is unlocking protein conformations and cryptic sites for new small molecule modalities.

Antibody discovery and epitope mapping

Developing effective antibodies relies on critical understanding of antibody-antigen interaction. Cryo-EM elucidates molecular structures of epitope-paratope interface, allowing clear differentiation between antibodies with similar binding sites, mapping of conformational epitopes, MoA determination and direct support for rational design of antibody and antibody-like therapeutics.

Vaccine design

Structure-based vaccine design accelerates antigen identification and engineering which, when coupled with novel vaccine delivery platforms, dramatically shortens the development cycle for emerging infectious diseases. Cryo-EM enables high resolution structure determination of virus and antigens, and measures critical quality attributes to ensure the safety and effectiveness of vaccine formulation.

Cell and gene therapy

Cryo-EM is enabling rational optimization and design of Car-T binders, capsid engineering for viral vectors, and characterization of critical quality attributes for gene delivery vehicles.

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