Although the investment in cryo-EM is large, it is not as big a risk as you might think. The greater risk is that you are spending too long uncovering drug targets or simply missing them altogether. Cryo-EM's ability to solve complex structures of the most challenging drug targets in less than months means that you can start seeing payoffs in your drug discovery process purely based on efficiency gain only. Not to mention the impact of introducing a more effective drug faster in the market.

By using our cryo-EM ROI calculator, you can determine how soon cryo-EM can begin providing you with a tangible return on your investment (ROI). Typically, companies who invest in cryo-EM are seeing a positive impact on their drug discovery projects. Based upon such promising ROI numbers, 1 in 3 companies invest in additional cryo-EM instruments within 2 years.

For one of your BioPharma peers, we calculated purely based on efficiency gain in drug discovery process their return on a $9M investment as follows:
  • Payback of the investment in a 3- to 4-year range
  • Net Present Value in the range of $10–15M
  • Internal Rate of Return greater than 25%
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