Structural analysis of protein complexes by cryo-electron microscopy

Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) enables the structural analysis of protein complexes in their near-native states. You can now directly visualize not just large macromolecules but also smaller protein complexes, including membrane proteins. This powerful technique can be used to complement traditional methods, such as X-ray crystallography (XRD) or nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), to accelerate structure-based drug discovery.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are here to help accelerate your drug discovery pipeline with powerful cryo-electron microscopes. Discover how cryo-EM can help your research with our curated white papers, eBooks, and on-demand webinars below.

On-demand webinars

Featured webinar

Discover how cryo-EM is impacting high resolution structure biology, from membrane proteins to diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and cancer therapeutics.

In this 25-minute webinar we will cover:

  • How cryo-EM can be used to guide structure based drug discovery 
  •  Recent research on small sub-100kDa proteins and membrane proteins structures from both 200kV and 300kV cryo-TEM 
  • A workflow that enabled 24 protein structures in 24 hours

Incorporating cryo-EM into your current workflows

Smart EPU with Embedded CryoSPARC Live: Integrated real-time data analysis for high-quality 3D protein structures

Learn how Embedded CryoSPARC Live can support your single particle analysis by seamlessly integrating with your workflow to simplify operation, feeding Smart Plugins to automatically adjust data collection settings on the fly for higher data quality, providing real-time image analysis, and facilitating post processing.

Integrated gene-to-cryo-EM-structure workflow for challenging targets

Learn how cryo-EM can be used for challenging drug targets and how to incorporate the Proteros gene-to-cryo-EM-structure integrated workflow as part of a successful cryo-EM process.

Integrating cryo-EM into your existing drug development process

Learn how and when to integrate, which samples are suitable for cryo-EM, when to choose cryo-EM over traditional methods, and when to outsource cryo-EM. This session includes a short presentation from NanoImaging Services followed by our Q&A.

Enhanced automation for high-throughput cryo-EM screening and data collection for drug design

Learn about recent advances in cryo-EM automation that can help increase productivity and provide structural insights for your drug discovery pipeline. Andreas Schenk of Novartis and Ben Apker of MiTeGen discuss how state-of-the-art cryo-EM workflow automation compares to X-ray crystallography in terms of throughput and resolution.

Accelerating drug design for intractable targets

Cryo-EM in Drug Discovery—Accelerating Drug Design for Intractable Targets

This session includes presentations by four keynote speakers. Dr. Corey Strickland of Merck discusses the integral role cryo-EM plays in drug discovery and development. Dr. Lionel Rougé of Genentech shares his insights on structural characterization of different TRPA1 inhibitors. Dr. Kenneth Borelli of Schrödinger speaks about improving protein-ligand modeling with cryo-EM data and using those models in drug discovery. Prof. Patrick Sexton of Monash University explains the use of cryo-EM for GPCR drug discovery and development.

Cryo-EM in Drug Discovery—Panel Discussion

Listen as Dr. Jeffrey Lengyel of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dr. Benjamin Apker of MiTeGen, Dr. Corey Strickland of Merck, and Dr. Denis Zeyer of Novalix discuss how cryo-EM technology accelerates drug design of intractable targets.

Cryo-EM workflows guide drug discovery for intractable targets

In this webinar, our expert panelists discuss the most recent data on how cryo-EM-enabled structural insights are guiding the development of novel strategies for rational drug design in serotonin (3A) and glycine receptors.

Cryo-EM for structural determination of membrane proteins and GPCRs

Membrane Proteins: From gene to cryo-EM structure with Thermo Fisher Scientific and Salipro Biotech

In this webinar, we demonstrate how the combined expertise of Thermo Fisher Scientific and Salipro Biotech can be leveraged for the gene-to-structure generation of membrane-protein drug targets.

Routine sub-2.5 Å cryo-EM structure determination of GPCRs for drug design (Ask the Experts)

Single-particle cryo-EM of GPCRs at high resolution is a rapidly developing field with a constant stream of new biological and pharmacological discoveries. We invited several leading academic investigators to discuss and answer questions about this exciting field.

Structure-based drug design

Cryo-EM in discovery and rational engineering of biologics

Learn about an integrated structural biology platform specialized for sub-100 kDa protein complexes to support biologics discovery and rational engineering. In addition, hear about physics-based computational modeling applied to the design and optimization of biologics.

Keeping up with the chemists—Cloud processing for pharma cryo-EM

Hear from AstraZeneca on how developments in the EM field over the last five years have enabled structure-based drug design of previously intractable targets in a timeline/throughput conducive to fast-paced drug discovery projects.

Cryo-EM white papers

Cryo-EM processing at the pace of medicinal chemistry on AWS white paper cover
Cryo-EM processing at the pace of medicinal chemistry on AWS white paper cover
Cryo electron microscopy applications in pharma white paper cover
Instrumentation and resources for preparation of cryo em samples white paper cover

GPCRs and membrane proteins

Grid preparation for detergent solubilized GPCR samples white paper cover
Deep-learning based particle picking of detergent solubilized GPCRs white paper cover
De novo GPCR cryo em structure and epitope mapping white paper cover
Cryo em structure of ion channel pannexin 1 white paper cover

Cryo-EM virus research

Cryo EM epitope mapping of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein white paper cover
Cryo-EM structure of AAV8 white paper cover

Cryo-EM eBooks

Accelerating drug discovery with cryo-EM ebook


Learn how cryo-TEM instruments accelerate drug discovery with our Reach the Targets of Drug Discovery eBook. Created specifically for pharmaceutical scientists, this eBook provides information, videos, and supporting case studies about:

  • Biologics discovery and development
  • Cryo-EM for small-molecule structure-based drug design
  • Efficient cryo-EM sample optimization workflows
  • The easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ Tundra™ Cryo-TEM
  • In-house cryo-EM adoption plans

Download ebook



Numerous advancements in cryo-EM have increased the efficiency, ease-of-use and throughput of the workflow, allowing this technique to become an invaluable tool for the pharmaceutical industry. Download the Cryo-EM Trends for Drug Discovery eBook to learn more about the applications and supporting case studies that utilized cryo-EM to support the drug discovery process:

  • Antibody neutralization of Zika and Dengue
  • Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, from sequence to structure in 4 weeks
  • Driving structure-based drug design with cryo-EM
  • And more


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