Cryo-EM course covering theory to practical demonstration

Cryo-EM University features over 70 hours of theoretical lectures and videos. Created in collaboration with online education expert Professor Grant Jensen, it serves as an introduction to the field and is intended for participants of all levels. Upon completion, you will have a fundamental knowledge of cryo-EM, tips and tricks to overcome sample preparation challenges, and valuable practical advice on the cryo-EM workflow.


The full cryo-EM single particle analysis course will train users with alternating theory and practical demonstration videos in more depth. The course will cover all aspects from cryogenic sample preparation, microscope design and operation, cameras, data acquisition, etc. in a logical order over different modules below.

Cryo-EM University modules

Introduction to cryo-EM

Learn the fundamental principles underlying cryo-EM, starting with basic anatomy of an EM to data collection.

Sample preparation

Lecture and step-by-step demonstrations of single particle cryo-EM sample preparation starting with the vitrification.

Introduction to the microscope

Step-by-step walk through of a cryo-EM microscope operation, including user interface, hand panels, and autoloader.

Image formation and aberrations

Theoretical lectures on image formation and aberrations. 


Principles behind the electron gun and alignment, followed by a step-by-step demonstration of electron gun alignment. 

Condenser lens and parallel illumination

Principles of two and three condenser systems and step-by-step demonstrations of operating the condenser systems. 

Objective lens, stage, and projection

Principles and demonstrations of the objective lens, focus, eucentric height, projection, apertures and astigmatism. 

Detectors and cameras

Overview of EM detectors, energy filters and cameras followed by step-by-step instruction on operation.  

Single particle analysis

Overview of data collection and step-by-step instructions for EPU operation, sample screening and data collection.

Entire workflow uninterrupted

Demonstration of the entire single particle cryo-EM workflow without interruption. 

Getting started in cryo-EM

Learn tips and tricks to getting started in single particle cryo-EM—from sample preparation to data collection