With cryo-EM, the structures of proteins, including membrane receptors and other biomolecules can be revealed, which previously could not be imaged using X-ray crystallography techniques. Cryo-EM enables biomolecules to be imaged in their near-native conditions, in different conformations and can be used to better understand protein interactions. With structural insights, scientists can better understand conditions for cancer cell growth and identify new ways to treat cancer.

Download the "Understanding the complexity of cancer with cryo-EM" eBook to explore:

  • How Cryo-EM is helping to find the molecular drivers of cancer
  • Filling in the gaps: characterizing protein mechanisms for cancer research
  • P53 in its full structural glory

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Oncology research using cryo-electron microscopy ebook

Download the "Understanding the complexity of cancer with cryo-EM" eBook:

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