MicroED on-demand webinars

Micro electron diffraction (MicroED) is an exciting crystallography technique for the structural determination of small molecules and protein. With this method, atomic details can be extracted from individual nanocrystals (<200 nm in size), even in a heterogeneous mixture. Watch the videos below to discover how MicroED has been used to provide critical data for life sciences research.


Determining protein and small molecule structures with Microcrystal Electron Diffraction


Dr. Tamir Gonen, UCLA & Dr. Christopher Arthur, Genentech In this webcast speakers describe the new method of MicroED and explore advances for small molecule & protein structure in pharma.

Interview with Tamir Gonen and MicroED


MicroED method developer Dr. Tamir Gonen's current research at UCLA focuses on the structures and functions of medically important membrane proteins that are involved in homeostasis.

Cryo-EM based MicroED solution for protein and small molecule structure determination


Micro electron diffraction (MicroED) allows fast, high resolution 3D structure determination of small chemical compounds and biological macromolecules.

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