Cryo-EM sample preparation techniques

High-quality protein preparation is the foundation of any successful structural biology technique. For cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), biophysical aspects such as composition, purity, homogeneity, and stability, as well as biochemical activity strongly contribute to preparation of good quality cryo-EM grids, but they can also significantly impact the resolution of the subsequent computational reconstruction. Starting with protein expression, followed by solubilization and stabilization of the expressed protein, with subsequent purification and clean-up, we offer a wide range of solutions to achieve the highest sample quality before vitrification of the specimen on the EM grid.

Single particle cryo-EM sample preparation

Follow these 5 steps for successful cryo-EM sample preparation for Single particle analysis.

Cryo-ET sample preparation

Check out these 3 steps to obtain optimal sample preparation for cryo-electron tomography.

MicroED sample preparation

Find an overview of the sample preparation for MicroED to help you obtain the best results.

Explore cryo-EM sample preparation resources

Find webinars, protocols, datasheets, and other related resources for cryo-EM sample prepration.

EM resources at your fingertips

This resource hub contains rich and reliable technical content designed for new and experienced researchers who are exploring the capabilities of cryo-EM.

Discover reproducible vitrification solutions

Improve speed and quality in cryo-EM sample preparation with our Vitrobot System, which provides automated cryo-fixation for fast, easy, and reproducible sample preparation