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Starting a cryo-electron microscopy laboratory can seem daunting

With rapidly expanding installs of cryo-EM systems worldwide we are expanding our application support as well as service engineer teams. We offer educational programs for everyone who needs introduction to the field next to dedicated service and application support.

To help ensure your success, we partner with you throughout the process, offering assistance, training, and ongoing support you need to maximize your lab’s productivity.


Onsite training and remote support

Our team of more than 30 highly-skilled application specialists provide prompt, efficient, and knowledgeable support throughout all phases of your scientific endeavors with cryo-EM.

In addition to microscopy, we offer advice on everything from sample preparation to data processing, ensuring our customers get the most from their cryo-EM investment from day one.

Our customer-oriented application experts help you increase your technical proficiency through:

  • Onsite training and remote support, with flexible scheduling to meet your needs.
  • A comprehensive training plan adaptable to meet your specific research requirements.
  • Ongoing follow-up and support as you implement your training plan.

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Ongoing support to accelerate your success


Ongoing support to accelerate your success

Ongoing support to accelerate your success

To get the most from your cryo-EM investment, operational excellence is key.

To help you achieve outstanding scientific results as fast as possible, we offer Accelerate and Advance, an integrated service and application support portfolio that provides comprehensive support and frequent check-ins during your first year of operation and beyond.

A leader in cryo-EM technology, Thermo Fisher Scientific successful installs more than 40 cryo-EM systems every year and supports over 100 cryo-EM installations worldwide.

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An education program for your staff

Thermo Fisher Scientific is proud to offer Cryo-EM University, an online educational program with more than 70 hours of freely accessible educational material covering a wide range of topics, including the SPA workflow. This course was designed to train you and your staff to become skilled cryo-electron microscopists in the shortest time possible.

Created in collaboration with online education expert Professor Grant Jensen of the California Institute of Technology, Cryo-EM-University serves as an introduction to the field but is intended for participants of all levels. Upon course completion, you will have gained a fundamental knowledge of cryo-EM, picked up tips and tricks for overcoming sample preparation challenges, and received valuable practical advice on the cryo-EM workflow.

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Cryo-EM University
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Accelerate Service Program for Life Science
Accelerate Service Program for Life Science
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