Investing in new instrumentation or capital equipment is never easy, and you always want to make sure you’re getting the perfect solution that matches your current needs and future expectations. While documentation, such as whitepapers or datasheets, can give you insight into the capability of our instruments, dedicated software, and professional services, it’s unlikely to perfectly align with your unique challenges, samples, and use cases. That’s why we believe that the best way for you to gauge if a solution is right for you is by experiencing it.

Our NanoPort facility, located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is an Electron Microscopy (EM) Center Of Excellence where you can develop and advance your skills with trusted solutions and support, both from our in-house experts as well as from your peers. The NanoPort facility offers dedicated workflow support through demonstrations, sample work, workshops, and training for researchers and engineers in the life sciences, materials science, and semiconductor fields.

Analytical techniques available at the Eindhoven NanoPort

The Eindhoven NanoPort has over 30 experts with extensive experience and knowledge in EM-related products and applications. 

Our life sciences, materials science, and semiconductor teams are comprised of world-class scientists specializing in: 

We invite you to bring your own samples to our NanoPort facility to personally experience the difference our instrumentation, software, and expertise can make for your challenging analysis and characterization needs.

Events at the NanoPort in Eindhoven, the Netherlands:

Ask The Expert Series: Forums that invite well-known experts in their respective industries to share their thoughts and insights on the current and future state of the technology.

Community Outreach Events: Active participation in the Dutch Technology Week and the National Girls Day to showcase innovation in the high-tech sector and promote STEM education among young girls.

In-house Demonstrations: First-hand demonstration of our EM capabilities.

In-house Training: Hands-on, in-person training that helps you build your EM application skills.

Remote Demonstrations: Online, real-time demonstrations of EM applications and features.

Remote Training: Online, real-time, hands-on training that helps customers build their EM application skills.

Remote Roadshows: A combination of online, real-time demonstrations and technical presentations, focusing on a specific subject or industry.

On-site Training: Hands-on, in-person training at your EM facility to help build your application skills.

Thought-leader Presentations: Invited customers present and share their knowledge in industry specific sessions.

Workshops: A combination of discussions, presentations, and practical work focusing on a specific subject or industry, where attendees are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience.

Products on site at the NanoPort in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, include:

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