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Circuit edit technology provides rapid prototyping of small design corrections at various points in the integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing process: after first silicon debug; for performance enhancements during yield ramp; to create a small number of functioning chips for beta developers; and to resolve reliability issues. Circuit edit engineers mill the chip to the site of the suspected defect, and then remove or deposit conductors or insulators in precise geometries-allowing IC manufacturers to validate design changes without re-spinning masks and processing additional wafers.

To meet the stringent circuit edit requirements of the advanced technology nodes, the Thermo Scientific Taipan G2+ Circuit Edit system focused ion beam system was engineered to meet the challenges of advanced designs and processes. The coaxial ion-photon column, electronics, chamber and stage enable a highly controlled beam profile and current, accurate navigation and ion beam placement, and reliable end-pointing. An updated chemical delivery system provides industry-leading etch and deposition chemistries.

Key Features

Imaging and milling resolution

Imaging and milling resolution to meet advanced technology node specifications.

Navigation and ion beam placement

Optimized stage design for fast navigation and ion beam placement accuracy to ensure high success rate on the most challenging edits.

Selectivity and deposition control

Excellent etch selectivity and deposition control for conductors and insulators.

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FIB Column
  •  Ion-Photon Coaxial Taipan column for backside and frontside circuit edits
FIB image resolution
  •  2.7 nm @250 fA and 30 kV (Thermo Scientific graphite sample)
Acceleration voltage
  • 0.5–30 kV
Beam current
  • 250 fA–20 nA
Stage travel (X, Y, Z)
  • 4 nm/min
Conductor resistivity
  • ≤ 200 µΩ∙cm
Insulator resistivity
  •  ≥ 1E15 µΩ∙cm




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