Particle analysis with SEM EDS

In today's fast-paced and dynamic world, manufacturers and researchers face increasing challenges to meet stringent quality standards and ensure the reliable performance of their products. Particle analysis has emerged as an indispensable tool in achieving these objectives, providing invaluable insights into the composition, size, shape, and distribution of particles present in various materials and fluids. 

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Introduction to automated particle analysis

Battery contamination

In the battery industry, where energy storage and efficiency are paramount, particle analysis plays a vital role in understanding battery quality, lifetime expectancy, and failure modes. By examining and optimizing particle characteristics, manufacturers can enhance the performance and lifespan of batteries, leading to longer lasting and more sustainable energy storage solutions. 

Steel inclusion analysis

In steel manufacturing, particle analysis is of utmost importance as it directly influences the mechanical properties and overall quality of steel products. Accurate identification and quantification of inclusions and contaminants in steel can help prevent defects, improve material strength, and ensure compliance with industry standards, ultimately bolstering the safety and reliability of steel components. 

Technical cleanliness

In other areas of technical cleanliness, where even minute particles can cause significant issues, particle analysis is indispensable. Industries such as aerospace, medical device, and semiconductor manufacturing rely on stringent cleanliness requirements to ensure product functionality and integrity. By employing advanced particle analysis techniques, manufacturers can maintain the desired level of cleanliness and mitigate the risks associated with particle-induced malfunctions or contamination.


Embark on a journey of precision, reliability, and excellence across the battery, steel, automotive, and technical cleanliness sectors. Let our expertise in particle analysis elevate your products to new heights, ensuring a future of uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction.


Automotive manufacturers, constantly striving for enhanced performance and safety, heavily rely on particle analysis for quality control and failure analysis. By scrutinizing particles in engine fluids, lubricants, and fuel systems, they can identify potential sources of wear, contamination, or defects, allowing them to implement targeted improvements and maintain the highest standards of automotive engineering. 

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Gunshot Residue Analysis

When investigating crimes scenes, investigators use particle analysis to determine whether a given individual or firearm was used in the incident in question. If the analysis reveals common search criteria, such as the presence of lead, barium, and antimony, the sample could be confirmed as the result of a gunshot and used as supporting evidence in the investigation.

Perception Particle Analysis Software features

Thermo Scientific Perception Automated Particle Analysis Software provides a fully integrated, automated, and user-friendly solution for particle analysis on an SEM. Perception Software offers:   


  • Automated analysis of particles and inclusions, reducing the need for manual intervention and saving time for SEM users. Running unattended overnight, it collects imaging and EDS data of particles.  
  • An interface that is intuitive to navigate and operate, even without extensive technical expertise, promoting ease of use and efficient operation. 
  • Seamless integration with Thermo Scientific SEMs, ensuring compatibility, streamlining the workflow, and providing one point of contact for support. 
  • Data collection and customized application-specific reporting that allows for easy interpretation and extraction of meaningful insights tailored to specific industry needs.  


Easily perform comprehensive particle analysis

  • See morphology and composition; get image, sizing, and chemistry information for individual particles 
  • Easily set up and run SEM imaging 
  • Collect data overnight without user intervention 
  • Quickly and accurately identify and classify particles for a variety of applications 

Streamline your work with seamlessly integrated hardware and software

  • Start collecting data without extensive technical expertise 
  • Easily operate the system through the intuitive user interface 
  • Build custom analysis recipes 
  • Trust your work to software built on more than 30 years of experience 

Automatically create application-specific reports

  • Turn data into answers with application-specific reporting  
  • Create custom templates for ternary diagrams, MCR, electrical conductivity, hardness, and more 
  • Make complex data easy to understand for internal and external stakeholders 
  • Review individual inclusions or particles 

Automated particle analysis

From automotive parts and steel manufacturing to quality control and the complete GSR workflow, Perception Software offers a highly integrated solution for automated particle analysis with EDS. It simultaneously offers high standardization for battery, steel, automotive, and cleanliness workflows and enough flexibility to finetune to your exact processes and requirements. The software is also compliant with many international standards, including GSR norms, and offers integrated reporting for court cases and many routine applications. The software can easily be adapted to comply with local regulations, analysis standards, or specific ammunition types. 

Perception Particle Analysis Software applications

Technical cleanliness

To tell if a product has been properly cleaned, you can use Perception Software to analyze and identify the particles that are released when washing. The amount and type of particles found can be matched to the set cleanliness specifications. If no harmful particles are found, the product is clean!

Steel inclusion analysis

To tell if your steel meets specifications, use Perception Software to automatically find and analyze inclusions in a cross section of a steel sample. The data is displayed in ternary diagrams to help you visually see the quality of the steel.

Battery contamination

When looking for small amounts of contamination, Perception Software can analyze tens of thousands of particles per sample. This provides a significant statistical basis for finding contamination.

Additive manufacturing

When examining print powder, Perception Software can find and identify debris, spherical or elongated particles, and particles with satellites to prove the quality of the powder.

Gunshot residue analysis

To confirm if a suspect recently handled a firearm, Perception Software can analyze thousands of particles to find a few characteristic gunshot residue particles. 

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