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Pore analysis software for Phenom Desktop SEM

Integrated Thermo Scientific Phenom PoroMetric Software allows you to use any Phenom Desktop SEM to gather data on the distribution, size, and aspect ratio of pores in your sample.

Key Features

Easy image acquisition

Acquire images directly from the Phenom Desktop SEM.

Correlate features

Correlate pore features such as area, aspect ratio, as well as major and minor axes.

Improved workflow

Fast and convenient operation improves your workflow and makes scheduling simple and predictable.


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Pore size range

  • 100 nm - 0.1 mm

Pore detection

  • 8/16 bit image processing


  • More than 1,000 pores per minute

Measured properties

  • Size, shape, count

Graphical display

  • Plot graphs of the circle equivalent diameter
  • SEM images and detected pores 


  • Report in docx format
  • TIFF image format
  • CSV file
  • Project file (.POME) for offline analysis

Part of Thermo Scientific Phenom ProSuite Software

  • Network storage enabled
  • Phenom integrated system
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