Velox transmission electron microscopy software

Thermo Scientific Velox Software combines comprehensive access to (scanning) transmission electron microscope (STEM and TEM) optics and detectors in order to provide you with superior experimental control. Velox Software offers high reproducibility, yield, and support for quantitative STEM and TEM material analysis.

Velox Software offers unique packages for energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS, also called EDX) applications, in combination with the Thermo Scientific Super-X and Dual-X Detector Systems. A robust mapping engine combines multiple techniques optimized for transmission electron microscopy.  On the fly drift correction, recursive mapping, independent channel readout, unique absorption correction with holder compensation: these techniques ensure that best-in-class EDS spectrum images can be acquired with high yield.

Velox transmission electron microscopy software features

Integrated ergonomic user interface

Ultimate quality in imaging and compositional mapping with advanced drift compensation methods like drift corrected frame integration (DCFI) and cross correlations in fast recursive mapping. Additionally, Velox Software offers drift compensation for spectrum imaging, designed specifically for challenging TEM conditions.

Interactive detector layout interface

Highest reproducibility and best experimental control and documentation on multidetector tools via interactive detector layout interface and automatic storage of all vital meta data.

Time resolved XEDS

Dynamic compositional mapping via time resolved XEDS and "peel back" function for recursive mapping to remove frame by frame to minimize artifacts on compositional analysis on beam sensitive material.

EDS quantification software

Unique, robust EDS quantification software with compensation of holder shadowing at any tilt and 4 independent detector readouts. High-speed EDS quantification delivers live feedback during acquisition, as well as fast post-processing of EDS data.

High-contrast imaging

High-contrast atomic imaging of light and heavy elements with unique integrated differential phase contrast (iDPC) mode. Low-dose high-contrast imaging of light samples to image beam sensitive materials in their natural state. 

Dynamic studies

Flexible STEM and TEM movie recording for dynamic studies.


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TEM imaging

Supported Hardware

Ceta Camera with speed enhancement



512, 1k, 2k, 4k, binning 2x, 4x, 8x

STEM imaging

Supported Hardware

HAADF detector, triple segmented BF/DF detector, Panther STEM Detection System


Number of signals

Up to 5 STEM signals or up to 9 STEM+EDS signals



50 nsec/pixel

Energy dispersive X-ray analysis*

Supported Hardware

SuperX G1/SuperX G2/DualX/SingleX




System requirements

Thermo Scientific Talos and Themis STEM and TEM platforms with Windows 7 or Windows 10 64-bit operating systems

* optional and functions only available if corresponding hardware is part of the column configuration.

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