Demand for faster, smaller, and more interconnected devices continues to drive atomic scale technology developments. Researchers and engineers need reliable and rapid analysis and characterization at these dimensions, which only transmission electron microscopy (TEM) can provide.

The Thermo Scientific Talos F200E (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscope provides high-resolution STEM and TEM imaging with minimal distortion, combined with high-throughput energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) functionality, tailored for a wide range of semiconductor defect analysis and research applications.

A high-productivity solution for semiconductor and microelectronics analysis

Supporting the fast pace of process development and yield ramp significantly strains semiconductor analysis labs, as they must provide repeatable, high-resolution characterization of a wide variety of materials and devices. The Talos F200E (S)TEM was designed with these labs in mind, delivering >1.5× faster EDS analysis compared to previous Talos models and ≤1% TEM image distortion. The speed and repeatability improvements make the Talos F200E (S)TEM the industry choice for device analysis, defect characterization, and yield support. 

Key Features

High-quality (S)TEM imaging

High-throughput TEM imaging with minimized distortion and simultaneous, multiple-signal detection, and contrast-optimized STEM imaging.

Precise, high-speed chemical characterization

Rapid, precise, qualitative or quantitative EDS acquisition and analysis.

Dedicated semiconductor-related applications

Includes: specimen-stage-synchronized live TEM image rotation, simultaneous operation of multiple STEM detectors, integrated differential phase contrast (iDPC) imaging, STEM field-of-view matching, instant EDS map quantification, minimized image distortion, and more.


Style Sheet for Products Table Specifications
Brightness of X-FEG1.8 × 109 A/cm2 srad (@200 kV)
Total beam current> 50 nA
EDS systemSuper-XDual-X
Full solid angle0.9 srad2.56 srad
Effective solid angle*0.9 srad1.65 srad
Detectors4 SDD2 larger SDD
CameraLow-distortion 4k × 4k with the Thermo Scientific Ceta-M Camera
STEMPanther STEM segment detectors
SEMI S2Certified
STEM resolution≤0.16 nm
TEM information limit≤0.12 nm
TEM line resolution≤0.10 nm
Max. diffraction angle24˚
Z-movement±0.375 mm
TEM image linear distortion≤1% 
TEM image variation(optional)≤1%
Gatan Continuum FilterOptional


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