Comprehensive maintenance enhanced by technology

Within our Connected Care services, we are committed to supporting our customers through a variety of methods, including phone support, remote troubleshooting, and on-site service. Having numerous channels to connect with our customers builds flexibility and resilience into our service process and allows us to respond quickly to your technical needs.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our digital capabilities allow us to be more agile and proactive in how we support your instrument. Leveraging data and remote technologies allows us to expand our service reach, deliver an accelerated response, and optimize your system’s uptime and performance.

Learn more about digital and remote elements of our Connected Care services:

RAPID (Remote Access Program for Interactive Diagnostics) allows our service team to quickly and securely troubleshoot technical concerns on your Thermo Scientific system.  RAPID is available as part of most Thermo Scientific service agreements for Life Sciences, Materials Science, and Semiconductor.

RAPID Diagram

Teresa Sawyer, Oregon State University

“RAPID is probably the biggest thing we go to first…that has helped us so much, and in a lot of cases we can resolve things right away.” 
Teresa Sawyer, Oregon State University

Customers with a current Thermo Scientific service agreement can register for RAPID now.

Register for RAPID

System Remote Monitoring is included in all Accelerate and Advance service packages, available for Single Particle Analysis, Cryo tomography, iSPA, and FIB SEM workflows. Through this service, our technical experts can monitor critical system parameters. If anomolies are detected, our service team will quickly respond to maintain system uptime and prevent disruptions.

Connected Care Digital Infrastructure

Peiyi Wang, SUSTC

“We use the Monitoring System to discover the problem and then we have faster response from an engineer on-site to fix the problem.”
Peiyi Wang, SUSTC

The Connected Care Portal is a secure, web-based portal that delivers insights about system health, productivity and more, so you can confidently achieve more with your instrument every day. The Connected Care Portal is also included in all Accelerate and Advance packages for Single Particle AnalysisCryo tomographyiSPA, and FIB SEM workflows.


Our Remote Service organization is now live across the USA and Mexico; Europe; and Asia Pacific, Japan and China. When you need support, a highly trained team of Remote Service Engineers (RSEs) will quickly respond to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve your technical questions. If on-site support is needed, a Field Service Engineer will respond within the committed timeframe defined by your service agreement.

You will benefit from Remote Service by:

  • Receiving support right away. You do not have to wait for on-site response
  • Ensuring your service call is visible within our organization and is escalated to the right experts and leadership
  • Getting a faster response if your primary engineer is on another service call
  • Using RAPID, if available, for troubleshooting and alignment support
  • Achieving higher system availability

Please see the Documents section below for region-specific contact information and Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Remote Service.

Remote Service Process for Asia Pacific, Japan and China

Remote Service Process for Asia Pacific, Japan and China.

Remote Service Process for Europe

Remote service process for Europe.

Remote Service Process for USA and Mexico

Remote service process for USA and Mexico.

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