Electron microscope maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance enhanced by technology

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our digital capabilities allow us to be more agile and proactive in how we support your instrument. Leveraging data and remote technologies enables us to expand our service reach, deliver an accelerated response, and optimize your system’s uptime and performance.

Our worldwide team of 1,000 service professionals is ready to assist you with technical issues or other service inquiries. Their goal is to expediently resolve any issue that might arise with your instrument. To help us meet this goal, please follow this process when requesting service support. This will ensure your call is documented correctly and accurately routed.

Call routing process

When service is needed, you can directly call our team of Remote Service Engineers in your region. Your Remote Service Engineer (RSE) will open a ticket in our system and will work with you via phone consultation and RAPID, if available, to troubleshoot your system and attempt to resolve the issue.

If the RSE determines on-site support is needed, the call will be dispatched to the primary Field Service Engineer for follow-up within our committed response time. Once service is complete, you will receive a Field Service Report that outlines the service performed on your systems by the engineer.

Ways to open a call

There are three ways you can open a service call: email, phone, or web form. Whichever method you use, please have the following information ready to help us respond quickly and efficiently to your service issue:

  • Username
  • Phone number
  • Company name
  • System serial number
  • Is the system down? (Y/N)
  • Time of day issue occurred
  • Description of issue
Service request workflow

Many customers prefer to place a service request via email because they can submit it at any time of the day and copy others in their group, including their primary engineer. This provides everyone with another layer of tracking and serves as a pass-down within their group. (Please note, email requests made outside of contract hours will be opened on the next business day.)

Submit service request

Learn more about digital and remote elements of our services:

RAPID (Remote Access Program for Interactive Diagnostics) is a service program that gives instrument users remote support from Thermo Fisher Scientific. The program provides access to remote service engineers (RSE) and application specialists through a robust VPN connection. RAPID reduces the time to solve problems, allowing instruments to be up and running at all times. With the consent of the user, a trained RSE can perform several actions using RAPID:

  • Take over the Customer Instrument screen remotely to provide the required support
  • Run service test software and diagnostics on Customer Instruments
  • Optimize Customer Instruments performance
  • Check and modify Customer Instruments settings
  • Patch and upgrade software
  • View Customer Instruments images

You can invite a specialist from Thermo Fisher Scientific to a RAPID support session from anywhere in the world, reducing the time to troubleshoot problems.

RAPID is available as part of most Thermo Fisher Scientific service agreements for Life SciencesMaterials Science, and Semiconductor.

For technical questions regarding the setup and infrastructure of RAPID, send an email to MSD.rapidsupport@thermofisher.com.

RAPID support personnel are available to discuss security issues and help with the necessary network configurations.

Learn more about RAPID

RAPID Diagram

Customers with a current Thermo Scientific service agreement can register for RAPID now.

Register for RAPID

Teresa Sawyer, Oregon State University
“RAPID is probably the biggest thing we go to first…that has helped us so much, and in a lot of cases we can resolve things right away.” 
Teresa Sawyer, Oregon State University

System Remote Monitoring is included in all Accelerate and Advance service packages, available for Single Particle Analysis, Cryo tomography, iSPA, and FIB SEM workflows. Through this service, our technical experts can monitor critical system parameters. If anomalies are detected, our service team will quickly respond to maintain system uptime and prevent disruptions.

Connected Care Digital Infrastructure

Peiyi Wang, SUSTC

“We use the Monitoring System to discover the problem and then we have faster response from an engineer on-site to fix the problem.”
Peiyi Wang, SUSTC

The Connected Care Portal is a secure, web-based portal that delivers insights about system health, productivity and more, so you can confidently achieve more with your instrument every day. The Connected Care Portal is also included in all Accelerate and Advance packages for Single Particle AnalysisCryo tomographyiSPA, and FIB SEM workflows.

Scientific Workflows App

A winning workflow must combine cutting-edge technology with operational excellence. Our unique Scientific Workflows App will keep your users working efficiently, ensuring that the help they need is right at their fingertips. 

This app is a workflows assistant which can be carried along through the entire workflow. This cloud-based application, with continuous updates, predicts the best workflow based on given system configuration and sample/grid type. And based on the process results (operator observations), the application provides workflow improvements and recommendations to optimize the process.

Download the app

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