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Thank you for your interest in presenting a scientific poster at the second annual 24 Hours of Stem Cells virtual event. Use the form below to submit your poster abstract.

How does it work?

All posters will be available on-demand during the live event. That means you don’t have to be present during the event to be involved. No standing at your poster waiting for someone to view it, but all the visibility of presenting at a large conference. All questions about your poster will be emailed to you to answer at your convenience, creating a simple and great networking opportunity.

How to get involved:

  1. Submit your poster abstract by October 01, 2014 at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.
  2. Approved abstracts must send their final poster in .pdf format by October 17, 2014. Submission instructions will be included in approval notice.
  3. Questions about your research will be emailed directly to you. Answer questions at your leisure and enjoy this exciting networking opportunity.

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Which of the following stem cell types do you use in your research?

 Induced pluripotent stem cells
 Embryonic stem cells
 Mesenchymal stem cells
 Neural stem cells
 None, I do not work with stem cells

Which of the following workflows do you utilize within your stem cell research? (check all that apply)

 Cell reprogramming
 Stem cell culture
 Stem cell characterization
 Stem cell differentiation
 Stem cell engineering
 Cell therapy or clinical research
 None of the above