Science. Is. Fun. Especially when you have the new Thermo Fisher Scientific 3D activity booklet

Organoids and spheroids are increasingly being cited as ground-breaking research models in numerous applications, including drug discovery, toxicology, disease modeling, and regenerative medicine. These new models offer an opportunity to understand the complexity of more physiologically relevant biology where the limitations of 2D models have been realized.

But today let’s have some fun! Download and print a FREE 3D activity booklet, and give your neurons a different challenge with our fun-for-all-ages activity booklet where you can:

  • Create 3D organ images
  • Traverse the confluency mazes
  • Decorate a lab
  • Do a 3D-specific word search
  • And many more

This activity book is just a minor show of appreciation to the millions of researchers around world dedicating their days, nights, and weekends to advance science.

Complete the short form below to download this fun and engaging resource. Feel free to share with friends, colleagues, and family!

Additionally, our 3D Scientific handbook provides an overview of the cell lines, culture conditions, and analysis techniques that are being used in the transition from 2D to 3D cell models. You can find out more here at www.thermofisher.com/3dhandbook.

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