Invitrogen PCR and cloning products

Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase

>100x Taq fidelity, up to 20 kb amplification, high tolerance to PCR inhibitors

TOPO PCR cloning

Simple, fast, efficient DNA-fragment cloning

Gateway cloning

High-throughput & high-efficiency shuttling between multiple expression vectors

Custom DNA oligos

Variety of synthesis scales, purification options, and oligo lengths; convenient ordering portal

Anza restriction enzyme cloning system

Familiarity, flexibility, convenience, time-saving

GeneArt Seamless Cloning kits

Seamless multi-fragment assembly by homologous recombination

E-Gel CloneWell II agarose gels

Ready-to-use cassettes precast gels, easy purification of PCR products without gel extraction kits

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