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Thermo Fisher Scientific animal health products have been at the forefront of recent advances in production animal diagnostics, and supply some of the leading modern diagnostic tools to veterinary laboratories around the world. For general inquiries, product questions, or to learn more about our diagnostics solutions, please provide the information requested below and we will contact you shortly.


What animal species do you test? (Check all that apply)*

 Bovine / Cattle
 Porcine / Pig
 Ovine / Sheep
 Caprine / Goat
 Avian / Poultry
 Aquaculture / Fish
 Equine / Horse

What disease are you testing for? (Check all that apply)*

 Paratuberculosis (Johne's disease)
 Tritrichomonas foetus (T.foetus)
 Bovine Tuberculosis

What detection method are you using? (Check all that apply)*

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