Implementing Automated Drug Testing Strategies for Better Outcomes

This webinar is hosted by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) and sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific. The webinar was recorded on August 15, 2019.

Speaker: Joel Carter, BA LSW
Duration: 1 hour

Learn how a small drug court dropped their recidivism rates to almost zero by implementing automated drug testing. Despite the fear of automation and implementation hurdles, automated drug testing delivered dramatic results.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how drug courts using manual procedures for drug screening and recording are challenged and limited in their ability to support program participants towards successful outcomes.
  • Understand how automated drug testing works and can improve participant outcomes.
  • Learn how this drug court overcame the "fear" of automation and were able to successfully implement it into their facility. You don’t need to be a "lab rat" to implement automation.

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CE credit not available for this webinar.

Joel Carter graduated from Ohio’s Mount Union College in 1989, with a BA degree in Psychology and English Literature. In 1992 he received his Licensed Social Worker (LSW) certification. Since 1990, Joel has served in varying capacities within the State of Ohio Court System as a Psychiatric Case Manager, Jail Social Worker, Mental Health Court Coordinator, CIT Crisis Intervention Trained Officer / CIT Coordinator, and Probation Officer. 

Among his many accomplishments include developing and implementing mental health programs at the Licking County Justice Center, managing a substance prevention program for Licking County and initiating the CIT program as well as developing and supervising the Mental Health Court Docket for Fairfield County. He has also presented at the National GAINS (Gather, Assess, Integrate, Network and Stimulate) Center Conference in Washington DC with the State of Ohio Supreme Court. 

In 2015, Joel Carter became a Probation Officer and Drug Court Coordinator for the Mount Vernon Municipal Court, and oversees their Mandated Education and Referral into Treatment Program (M.E.R.I.T.). In 2017, he assisted his department in implementing the first automated drug testing system within the Mount Vernon Municipal Court; the success of this program has served as a model for other court systems and businesses within the state of Ohio.

Joel Carter

Joel Carter, BA, LSW (Licensed Social Worker)
Drug Court Coordinator
Mount Vernon Municipal Court
Mount Vernon, Ohio