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Metabolomics, although  newer to the omics field,  is quickly gaining traction in multiple areas of research, as it leads to a more complete picture of the phenotype.

Of the current challenges facing the field of metabolomics,  compound identification in untargeted metabolomics remains a major bottleneck.

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Profiling the Phenotype: From Design to Meaningful Data

These articles are intended for scientists who are thinking about the quality of their metabolomics data and how it is used in the context of compound identification.

The task of annotating an unknown compound stemming from a sole measurement of mass-to-charge ratio (features) comes with twists and turns in the large chemical space of small molecules.

These resources discuss the early initiatives for standard reporting, the current status within the community, and what needs to be achieved for this field to become as mature and effective as proteomics and genomics.

Download our most recent resources to the right and learn how new tools and workflow strategies are now coming to fruition including next generation software and very high-quality mass spectral libraries to address compound identification and annotation.

Compound Identification resources

Compound Identification resources