Thank you. You can now download the Serving Drug Discovery and Development with Amira Software eBook to learn how:

  • Insight into advanced research and development allows breakthrough drug discoveries
  • How Amira Software supports distinct stages of pharmaceutical research and development
  • Challenges in pharmaceutical workflows and how to accelerate your time to data and time to market with deep learning capabilities

Ready to take your drug discovery and development research to the next level?

On-demand webinar | Explore how Amira Software supports faster image analysis

Reduce the number of manual steps in your pharma workflows with a comprehensive imaging data toolbox. During this product demo on-demand webinar, learn how Thermo Scientific Amira Software can streamline various stages of pharma research by providing ready-to-use recipes and AI-powered automated processing tools, and supporting faster image analysis reducing the number of manual steps.

What will the demo cover:

  • Biological target characterization — Use Amira Software for high-resolution 3D visualization and characterization of cell structures to monitor the effects of certain compounds on cell growth, inhibition, and breakdown through ultrastructure (e.g., mitochondria) segmentation in large volumetric electron microscopy data. 
  • Lead compound identification — Apply Amira Software to your high content screening, 3D analysis of cell morphology, viability, or protein expression workflows. With Amira Software, you can also monitor candidate drug compound efficiency and toxicity on cellular models. 
  • Preclinical studies — Small animal micro-imaging allows for 3D visualization and characterization of a whole organism or organ-specific / tumor-specific morphological changes, growth, vasculature, etc., monitoring for drug candidate impact on in vivo or ex vivo samples.

Who should watch:

  • Senior scientists, lead researchers, biologists and image analysts/imaging specialists involved in drug discovery and development processes within pharma and biotech.

Sivane Koskas

Sivane Koskas
Global Strategic Product Marketing Manager

Since receiving an international master’s degree and PhD in epigenetics and cancerology from Grenoble Alps University, Sivane Koskas has transitioned to leading strategic product marketing for scientific and medical technology companies. With over five years of managerial experience at multinational companies such as Becton Dickinson, Koskas now oversees and leads the strategic marketing plan and execution for life science applications of Thermo Scientific Amira Software. 

Rengarajan Pelapur

Rengarajan Pelapur
Global Manager, Product Application Specialists

Rengarajan (Reng) Pelapur received his PhD in computer science focused on computer vision, image processing, and machine learning from the University of Missouri. His research interests include feature detection, object tracking, and segmentation in large 2D/3D data across various domains such as aerial, biomedical, life sciences, material sciences, and semiconductor studies. Pelapur uses his programming, machine learning, and image processing expertise to assist customers in solving large data processing and visualization problems.

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