ARL iSpark Case Studies

Read customer testimonials on the ARL iSpark Optical Emission Spectrometers to see the different uses of this innovative platform.

    iSpark Case Studies
    • ArcelorMittal Evaluation of the ARL iSpark
      ArcelorMittal performs a successful evaluation of the ARL iSpark for their low alloy steel analyses

    • Meeting High-purity Aluminum Analysis Requirements
      Most of the alloying element concentration measured by OES must be centered between control limits which are always tighter

    • Reliable and Repeatable Results for Baudelet Environnement
      The main objective of the laboratory is the verification of the samples, working with a dozen of various aluminum alloys.

    • Combining Strengths of Thermo Fisher Scientific and Metalor
      The sensitivity and tight laws associated with the precious metals market require a continuous accuracy on the results provided by their laboratories.

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