ARL iSpark Case Studies

Read customer testimonials on the ARL iSpark Optical Emission Spectrometers to see the different uses of this innovative platform.

    • Georgsmarienhütte uses the Thermo Scientific ARL iSpark Optical Emission Spectrometer with Spark-DAT
      Advanced inclusion analysis to determine total oxygen content in steel .

    • MKS PAMP Performs Inclusion Analysis in Gold with ARL iSpark
      Learn how the ARL iSpark meets the laboratory high analytical requirements for the elemental analyses in gold, silver, platinum and palladium matrices.

    • ArcelorMittal Evaluation of the ARL iSpark
      ArcelorMittal performs a successful evaluation of the ARL iSpark for their low alloy steel analyses.

    • Meeting High-purity Aluminum Analysis Requirements
      Most of the alloying element concentration measured by OES must be centered between control limits which are always tighter.

    • Reliable and Repeatable Results for Baudelet Environnement
      The main objective of the laboratory is the verification of the samples, working with a dozen of various aluminum alloys.

    • Combining Strengths of Thermo Fisher Scientific and Metalor
      The sensitivity and tight laws associated with the precious metals market require a continuous accuracy on the results provided by their laboratories.

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