Athena Software

Here are some of the excellent questions that we received from Core Imaging Facilities in materials research who heard about our premium imaging data management platform Thermo Scientific Athena Software:

A: One of the main benefits of Athena Software is to improve collaboration. Thanks to Athena Software, you can share results and reports to internal but also external users of your core imaging facility. User administration and access can be managed directly from the Athena portal.

A: Our experts will ensure the deployment of the solution and the seamless integration into your own on-premises environment. Some specific hardware and middleware are required for the deployment of Athena. Our experts will help you to design the right hardware configuration. In order to free up space on hot storage when needed, it is possible to archive data to cold storage directly from the web interface. It's possible to use your current NFS storage for this purpose.

A: Athena provides an effective generic tool that allows users to automatically upload any type of data and its associated metadata into Athena Software. Those data can come from any devices and any software applications.

A: Athena Software can host any type of data, that mean users are able to upload any type of data within Athena Software. For visualization, Athena Software currently supports the following 3D formats: RAW, TIFF, MRC, DICOM, and these 2D formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, DCM, MRC, BMP, GIF, WEBP, NEF. It is also possible to view PDF files.

A: Unless your Athena Server is published outside of your local network with security policies managed by your IT department, a VPN connection will be required to connect to Athena Software.